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Alliya’s 8th Birthday Party!

Posted By on June 5, 2012 in Children's Spaces, Home Designs, My Projects | 4 comments

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My one and only little girl Alliya turned 8 this weekend! We hosted a party for her and some of her favorite friends. Most of the party was full of really yummy treats. During the week when we were planning the party we couldn’t decide on what games to play to entertain the little guests. Alliya came up with the brilliant idea to have a dance party. Since we often have our own impromptu dance parties all the time at our home it felt natural to do it. The children loved it and Alliya’s idea was a huge hit!

Before we even started planning this party Alliya was telling all of her friends that she would be giving out Kachoozs at her party. Of course all of her friends were pretty excited to hear this news! Then she came home and told me about it! :) So of course because she is the birthday girl and it was her day, we found these little cute Kachooz charms and put them on a necklace for the girls.

While I was setting everything up for the party, Alliya was quietly coloring something in the corner. She made a birthday poster for herself and I thought it was really funny because it was a drawing of her party that was about to take place. So of course we hung up her banner!

Happy Birthday Alliya, she has the kindest heart and she is such a loyal friend to all and especially to me!

This is her little brother Payton! Who I just stare at all the time and pinch his cheeks because he is so dang cute!

Another perfect Birthday!



  1. Jennifer Bird June 6, 2012

    What a darling party!! I love all the decorations!! Your house looks amazing too! I need to come by and see the changes!!

    • Santi June 22, 2012

      Liz,Thank you for saving the day! I can’t wait to see the rest of the ptoohs! You did such a fantastic job to capture the moments our our Liv’s 1st birthday.

  2. Kerri S October 11, 2012

    So sweet! Where did you get the mini sparklers on her cake? And on the donuts stacked, did you do anything in between or how are they not falling? Cute stuff!

    • kaylee November 9, 2012

      The sparklers were actually from the dollar store. It was around 4th of July, so that’s why they were in stock. Sparklersrus.com carries them year’round! The donuts are those mini donuts in a box with a skewer stick. They stayed on so well! I always thought the powdered donuts would be just adorable and soft looking. Thanks Kerri :)


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